What is Dual Boot?

John D. Allen jallen@vhfcom.com
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 08:14:06 -0500

I was asked what dual boot was by someone and thought that the answer
would be usefull to a few more people.

Particularly since the NT dual boot is different than Win95's and is offered as
an option during the install...

So here is a description of NT's Dual Boot:

With NT, when you install it onto a HDD that has DOS (and usually Windows 3.1) 
loaded already, you are asked if you want to keep your DOS/Win.
Then, after the install, instead of booting up immediately, you get a screen with 
the choice of booting into MSDOS or into NT (or into NT at VGA resolution in case
you have changed something and lost your video sync).  There is a countdown timer
(that can be set in NT) so that if you are not around it will time out and
boot into which ever one you last selected.

So, you get to run the new OS and fall back to the old one anytime.
The only down sides are:  1. you still use up disk space for DOS and Win3.1
and 2. you can not use the NTFS (NT File System) on that disk partition,
you have to use FAT (which DOS understands).

73, John, K1FWF

John D. Allen, jallen@vhfcom.com

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