CT9.26 NO go with IC765.

Hufford, Kent khufford@postmaster2.dot.gov
Mon, 23 Oct 95 13:58:28 EST

     Hi, all. 
        I'm new to CT. I've been using Hyperlog for about 3 years. Was 
     working great, getting spots off of DX clusters, feeding the 765, no 
        I decided to buy CT 9.26 for its features. "Ordered" via their 
     voice mail. Left 5 messages on their BBS, no replys. Tried calling 
     their "support" line, 5 times and no answer.
        I cannot get CT 9.26 to make the 765 change to a correct freq.
     I run the com port programs to set them up, then the program. The 
     program comes back that the radio is not echoing. Enter a freq in CT 
     and the radio changes to VFO mode and freq of 3970mhz. Thats all it 
     ever does.  The TNC part works great.  
     Load Hyperlog, and I can control the radio again.
     Kent, KQ4KK

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