ct and windows 95

Linda Luther Lbylll@lby.pcmail.levels.unisa.edu.au
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 08:01:00 -0600 (CST)

TO :-  CT Reflector
FROM :-  Martin  VK5GN

I saw in recent weeks someone ask if CT had been used
in Windows95 for serious contesting. I was pretty sure
I had tested it out OK so........I ran CQWW with CT v9.1b
(for why I didn't use 9.26 see below)under Windows 95 for
the whole contest.

 486DX33 "indeterminate asian clone motherboard"

Rig control to the radios via interface on Com2. Worked
just like it did before.
Contest card W9XT type worked as normal.
(This was a phone contest so no CW but I cannot detect
any problems with CW control using the contest card when testing.
I haven't tried it with the LPT1 and a transistor switch)

Contest Effort:
single op all band over 2000 QSO's for just over 2M points

Windows Settings:
In advanced program settings for loading CT under Windows
I checked the box "Prevent DOS based programs from
detecting windows"
I let windows handle memory allocation. It left enough
for over 50000 Q's which is a bit more than I will ever need
I had it come up as a full screen mode rather than in a window.

Otherwise I just left the op system do its own thing.

Other software loads with CT. There is the comtsr2, a conversion
from local to GMT and CCtsr the contest card record control TSR.
All seemed to work normally

I didn't know I was in windows until I typed "quit" into CT
and the next thing up was a windows message about closing
tsr's for me.
I didn't do a save to floppy as I have had trouble in the past
and my hard drives (2 in this box) are reliable enough [famous
last words!].
I had two breaks and shut down the computer each time and it
fired up perfectly at restart.
Seems to me that it works. I wouldn't bother to fuss with dual
boot unless you need it for something else. I have
DOS6 available but after this test probably will continue
the lazy way. Now the next test is whether I have the nerve to
leave Microsoft Exchange and other bits running to keep up
message handling on our local(non contest) network here........
......hmmm theres another story.

I got CT9.26 especially for this contest to be right up to date
BUT I could not get it to work with the contest card. I only
had a few hours to play so I may have done something stupid but
just swapping the CT.EXE files the 9.1 worked and the 9.26 didn't
so it is in the programme and not my setup. Me thinks LPT2
is messed up??

I wonder whether the two radio switching in the computer is the
right way to go? I have been using two radio for more than ten
years and various switches and relays handle the job the way
I want it and I don't have to memorise an alt ctrl key push.I
have a lousy memory for such things at four o'clock A.M. when
I have to swap radios in a hurry to catch a new multiplier.
I'm thinking of having my hardware tell the software what
to do rather than t'other way round.

Martin VK5GN

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