CT Serial Number Problem

Tyler Stewart kf3p@cais.cais.com
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 17:49:05 -0500

>     Hi,
>     This may be an old problem, but I havent been on the CT refelctor for 
>     a while...
>     Last night I networked 2 computers together as a M/M for the WPX 
>     contest using CT 9.26.   I had a problem with the serial numbers.  The 
>     next band serial number displayed was fine, but once you logged it, 
>     the serial number appearing on the screen was not the next band serial 
>     number, but it was the number of the total logged contacts on all 
>     bands.  
>     I tried swapping null modem cables, tried going to CT 9.23, tried 
>     different data rates etc, but the problem still persisted.  I did a 
>     WRITE LOG, and they were logged correctly, so it was a screen only 
>     problem.  
>     Any ideas out there?
>     Many Thanks, 
>     Kenny WM2C
>     ken.silverman@airtouch.com
>     CU as WM2C M/M from N6RO's QTH
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It's busted, but it writes the logs OK at the end, so the only inconvenience is
not being able to tell the serial number when you scroll back in the log.

I dont remember if the single op/multi computer serial number problem has
been fixed.  Anybody answer that one?

73, Tyler KF3P@cais.com

Submissions:              ct-user@ve7tcp.ampr.org
Administrative requests:  ct-user-REQUEST@ve7tcp.ampr.org
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Questions:                owner-ct-user@ve7tcp.ampr.org