contest.bad file

David Robbins
Wed, 03 Apr 1996 10:49:07 -0800

Richard Provencal wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you all of those who answered my questions on logging correctly
> Anyone of you would know if those calls are valid:
> X50B (0 in the callsign is a zero)
> T03A (0 in the callsign is a zero)
> I have those two calls listed in my contest.bad file and no idea which
> country they belong to.
> What is the procedure to make the correction to bring my contest.bad to
> zero. Do I have to reload CT and go to that callsign and edit it, and
> run Writelog again.
> The manual mention to edit the multiplier file by adding the missing
> prefix!!!!
> I can see in the multiplier file a X50 and a T03 so they are not
> missing. Then why do they appear in my contest.bad file?
> Many thanks for the help.
> By the way, I was Single operator Single Band (20m) in the last WPX.
> I made 737 Qso's totalising 786,624 points. This was my first WPX and
> not the last. I love it!
> Richard VE2OTT
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for wpx ct knows to count them as prefix multipliers, but it won't know 
how to score them since it can't tell what country they are to figure 
out the continent.  if you logged them in a cqww or arrl contest log it 
would mark them as unknown countries and they would not show in 
multiplier list.

x5=bosnian serbs
t0=principality of seborga

yes, if you want ct to score properly you will have to add them to the 
cty.dat file for ct-9, or the cqww.cty for older versions.  or you could 
put them in during the contest by typing the following for each one in 
the callsign field:    x5=s5    and    t0=i

73, dave

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