[ct-user] Network question

Dave Hawes n3rd@ix.netcom.com
Sat, 3 Aug 1996 18:26:22 -0400

OK, you guys with CT network experience, a question for you.

First some background.  At the N3RS multi_single/multi_two station,
we have always used three wire null modem cables on the serial
network.  (Cable is shielded, runs are short, ferrite beads applied
to each end, and no rf in the shack anyway, so we have never been
able to detect any rfi in the network.)  We have always experienced
some problems in that a "Checksum Error" occurs and a contact made
on one computer does not propagate properly to the other computers. 
This does not usually present much of a problem in that we can do a 
quick MERGE between the logs at the end of the contest, and report in 
an accurate score on 3830.  A nuisance, but not much of a problem.

In preparing for the upcoming WAE CW contest, we are reminded of 
last year's problems where we not only got our computers out of synch 
(different number of QSOs in each, and therefore different serial 
numbers being sent), but also the QTC log got out of synch between 
the two computers.  This was a REAL NUISANCE post contest trying to 
make sense out of the QTC sheets and logs which showed slightly 
disparate information.

K1EA has on his list of long term projects an error free network 
protocol, which will eliminate all these problems.  Until he gets 
around to that, we continue to look for ways to decrease network 
errors.  So, here's the question:

Will a "full" null modem cable between the computers, along with 
setting up hardware flow control on the COMTSRs (-RTS command line 
switch), yeild any improvements?  The errors we experience don't seem 
to be related to network speed, as they occur at 1200 baud.  The 
serial ports use 16550 UARTS.

Any help in this regard will be much appreciated.

73 - Dave N3RD

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