[ct-user] CT 9.27 VHF QSO Party Bug?

Jim Reisert AD1C Jim Reisert AD1C" <AD1C@tiac.net
Sun, 04 Aug 96 19:56:46 -0400

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Msg #9786  From: KO0U  Date:  4-Aug 2302Z  Subj: CT 9.27 VHF QSO Party

Jim, has anyone else reported problems with 9.27 writing bad frequencies
for the June/Sep VHF QSO Party? A few frequencies come out OK, but many
are such as 44.96 FM, 43.2 SSB, 14.599 SSB, 29.6 SSB, 14.4 SSB, 129.69 CW,
etc. I strongly suspect things get bolixed up both when I go back to
change the mode from SSB to CW or vice versa or from FM to SSB/CW.

Another more-minor bug is when changing mode from CW to SSB, the RST
sometimes does not get corrected automatically although SSB to CW seems to
be OK (I think).

It would be nice to have a lock-out of a chosen mode; for example, I do
not ever work FM except on packet, thus I don't need nor want CT ever
allowing FM as a mode. Somebody else might want to lock out SSB, or
(heaven forbid!!) even CW.

Finally, it would be nice to have the UHF contest available, which only
has different QSO points from the QSO Party.

BTW, the .BIN log file is apparently OK since when you call it back, it
has all the right frequencies/modes; WRITELOG seems to get confused.

TNX! Steve, KO0U/1

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