[ct-user] 7 Mhz RF getting into keyboard.

Ken Newman N2CQ 103464.1355@compuserve.com
04 Aug 96 12:34:54 EDT

Hi Walt and others,
  The 7 mhz RFI causing keyboard problems, also show up at the shack here too.
The biggest improvement was to run a heavy line from the keyboard ground buss
inside the case, to the PC case.  I used zipcoard doubled together.  Most
keyboard cables are a little too small for RFI handling.  This info came to
me thanks to W6GG which was posted on his "Digital Journal" column.
  Did anyone try using the keyboard that comes with an MFJ keyboard cw keyer?

73 de Ken - N2CQ

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From:	Walt Kornienko, INTERNET:k2wk@crystal.palace.net
DATE:	08/04/96 08:17

RE:	[ct-user] 7 Mhz RF getting into keyboard.

Hey all.

I've been having problems with getting extraneous
characters in the CT call sign or exchange windows
when running on 7 Mhz.  Someone told me that the
keyboard clock in most PC's run at about 7 Mhz.
Is this fact or fiction?  If it is indeed the case,
how does one filter out the RF from the keyboard/computer?
I've tried torroids on both ends of the keyboard cable
without success. Any suggestions?

Keyboard is a Gateway 2000 Programmable type and the
computer is a 386/DX33 clone.

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