helpm wanted

John Devoldere
Sun, 11 Feb 1996 14:47:29 +0000

I used CT926 during the CQ 160 CW. All went fine. My fiorst log print out
was all ok. When I made a second one, the times were 8 hours off (later). I
turned the Bin file into a RES file (B2R9), and chganges the times, using a
home made Q-basic toutine. The RES. file now was OK. I turned the RES file
back into a bin fle (R2B9), and started CT again. The times were still off!
???  !!!!  

What did I do wrong. I looked in my manual  and cannot find anything. My
autoexec does not have a SET TIME instruction or anyhting like that.  I am

Who can help?


Jouhjn, ON4UN

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