Tyler Stewart kf3p@cais.cais.com
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 03:18:37 -0500

>>   n9mxt1@aol.com (N9MXT1) writes:
>>      Have you seen this AD in any HAM RADIO Magazines??
>>     PacketCluster for DXers and Contesters!  Multi-user, multi node
>>  networking software    features real-time messaging, annoucements, DX
>>  alerts,e/mail, linking, and much more.  Up to 64 users can connect to your
>>  node using a radio, TNC and PC or terminal. Hardware also available.
>>     This company is called Pavillion Software.....
>>        For everyones information they don't give any support on the product
>>  that they       claim they sell!  Also, would you order from a software
>>  company that doesn't       even have the money to own a phone!!   When,
>>  you call this company all they       have is a answering machine that asks
>>  for your credit card number and what       software you want.  
>>        I ordered though this company and I found out the hard way about
>>  them...       they are a bunch or scam artists who say they will send it
>>  right out but never       do.  I have been waiting over 3 1/2 weeks for
>>  software that was supposed to       arrive right away and when you call
>>  the answering machine they don't even       return your calls!
>>        I just want to warn all users that you shouldn't deal with these
>>  scam artist       and don't get ripped off from them also.
>>                                                   Thanks for your time and
>>  good luck!
>>                                                                  Jeffrey -
>>  N9MXT1
>>  If anything changes about my status of my software comming right away I
>>  will let you all  know....   but, for the moment nothing is heard from
>>  this so called Pavillion Software.
>>  N9MXT - Jeffrey
>Geez, and I thought _I_ was bad...
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No, they arent scam artists.  They are, unfortunately, typical of the 
cottage ham-radio industry.  Ham Radio products are but a miniscule fraction
of their other products ( as well as much less profitable, if at all) and so
it gets religated to the back burner and customer support suffers as well.
CT contest software is in this same boat with the same group of people, and 
it's considered by some (myself included) to be the "best" contest software
out there, at least for the "big" contests.

Packetcluser tm  software is widely accepted in the US as the premier
packet spotting network software.  Pavillion has been around for years...
There is a Packetcluster network that extends  from the mid-Atlantic all the
way up into Canada when all the links are working and it gets heavily used...
it even has an internet link somewhere.

73, Tyler KF3P

Submissions:              ct-user@ve7tcp.ampr.org
Administrative requests:  ct-user-REQUEST@ve7tcp.ampr.org
WWW:                      http://ve7tcp.ampr.org/Software/ct
Questions:                owner-ct-user@ve7tcp.ampr.org