CT v8 file timestamp

Robert Barron barron@liant.com
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 13:12:37 -0600 CST

I'm trying to write some file conversion utilities and have run
into some strange results when trying to handle CT v8 .bin files.
My programs work fine for v7 files.  However when trying to
convert v8 files the stated QSO time was 7 hours off.  When I
created 2 .bin files (on v7 and the other v8),  on the same
machine,  and resetting the time before program execution so that
the time was the same the time stamps were different.

The file documentation I have found both say that the time stamp
is "Unix time".  This should be UTC so both should be the same.
They're not.  Anyone know why this is?



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