CT9.26 Multi-2 BUG

Tony Brock-Fisher fisher@hp-and2.an.hp.com
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 08:13:35 -0500

I'm posting this to the ct reflector in the hopes that some may have a fix.

We ran Multi-2 this past weekend at K1KP. Had 2 stations and 2 computers,
networked, running CT9.26, which had worked fine for several contests.

I set up one computer as station 1 and the other as station 2 in the 
setup screen. Both computers were running the same version of CT. Everything
worked fine as far as logging, gabbing on the net, packet spots, etc.

Upon running WRITELOG, I find that the log1.all file has all the contacts,
and log2.all has none! Then on examination, I see that in the Score Summary
window, both computers indicate "Station One"!

I suspect that somehow both computers think they are station one, and therefore
the logs are now inseparably intertwined into a single log, making it impossible
for me to comply with the  rule for multi-2's that "two separate chronological
logs" be submitted. I have double checked that both computers are STILL setup
for stations 1 and 2.

I have only the faintest hope that someone out there has experienced and fixed
the problem. Or perhaps someone can help me avoid it in the next 'test.
I KNOW BETTER than to try to call you-know-who for help!

-Tony, K1KP, fisher@hp-and2.an.hp.com

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