FD Imports into LogWindows

Len Revelle lenrev@wwa.com
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 16:19:07 -0700

Jimmy R. Floyd wrote:
> First let me say I am not saying CT has a problem. Just want everyone to
> know what happened to me.
> I imported my FD logs into Logwindows 3.0. I am using CT 9.26. So far in
> Log I have found my 10 meter contacts on 6 meters and my 20 meters on 15.
> Am still checking but a lot of work when you had almost 1600 Q's!!!!!
> As I said I am not saying this is a problem with CT but just warning
> people to check thier logs after they import. It could also be a problem
> with my equipment.
> 73's Jim
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-- Jimmy,
	Feel free to say CT has a problem. As a registered CT user for 
several versions I can say this problem is an old one, one I tried to 
point out the first Field Day after version 9.0 released. My requests for 
assistance went unanswered on the reflector and via the BBS (the old 
one). That makes this problem several years old now. I've upgraded 
versions but apparently the bug was ignored. After all, FD is not really 
a real contest. <G> Unfortunately, I would have to consider long and hard 
before buying CT again.

	The problem is in CT's FD set up I think. I believe I wound up 
running the *.RES file through an ascii word processor and using the 
"find and replace..." function to render accurate. Tried to convert the 
*.BIN to a version 8.0 and use B2R8 but got the same result as I recall.


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