Richard Provencal proven@mistral.ere.umontreal.ca
Thu, 07 Mar 1996 00:38:31 -0500


Just installed my DVP and everything works OK but one small thing.
On my recordings i have noise sounding like "clicks" or static sparks 
randomly. I have tried changing slot in the computer, IRQ, switches and 
so on, with no luck. I also have no control on the level of my voice 
when recording no matter how I setup the FT-1000.
I think that with the command MON, I should be able to monitor my voice 
when recording but I don't.
To record I have DVP setup like this: MON, OFFAIR, OPON.
Either by "shift F1" or "CTRL R" I still get some "clicks" on my 

Now the good news!
For Win95 user, I heard from LZH that they are in the process to write a 
32 bits driver for Win95.

Hope to solve my problem before WPX.

Any clue will be greatly appreciated.


Richard VE2OTT

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