controlling Yaesu FT767GX from CT
Tue, 19 Mar 96 10:30:02 EST

I just finished building my own RS232 to TTL converter to interface from one 
comm port to the 767.  Since I built my own I can't say that it is working yet. 
 My question thou.  What radio should I select from the options list that best 
models the 767?  I only remember seeing three on the list and all three gave me 
the same problem.  I got some message that said "Yaesu radio timed out" or 
something similar to that.  I have the same question regarding the Yaesu 736.  
What should I select from CT to control these radios?  What changes should I 
make to get this interface to work properly?  Thanks.  BTW I'm using V 9.27
73 de WB1FLD

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