FT1000MP w/ CT but which one?

PITMANZ.W9 PITMANZ@westel900.hu
25 Mar 96 19:42:24 +0100

Hi friends, 
I've become a happy owner of a FT1000MP. I would like to know if the CT works 
with that rig and if it does then which one should be ordered? (I tested the 
ftped v6.26 and found it great...) 
I just ask because I want to use it on CW only and do not require the most 
sophisticated features like DVP... 
The other issue is the rig control. If I have my TNC for the cluster what 
should I put between my PC and the FT1000MP to transfer the QRGs into the VFO? 
Can it be done with a simple RS232 or does it require something more? 
Please reply directly to me....Many thanks in advance....73!    Zoli HA1AG 

		CW FOREVER........... 
HACWG 17		HSC 1512		VHSC 295 


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