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Wed, 27 Mar 1996 06:51:37 +0000

I am forwarding this message to the DX reflector from the ADIF 
reflector at Tom's request.

If you want to fill out the survey (and I think you WILL want to!),
please email it to


Tnx & 73, Dennis WN4AZY


The following survey is intended to gather information for those of us
who have been discussing a standardized means of exchanging data among
amateur radio logging programs (known as ADIF).  This effort started
from a basis of contesting, so with the tacit consent of the ADIF
group, I am submitting this to the subscribers to cq-contest.
Responses are solicited from USERS, AUTHORS and CONTEST SPONSORS.

The intent of this survey is data gathering.  The questions are
intended to promote informative replies.  Please feel free to go
beyond the questions.

Please e-mail me directly at  ADIF members will
receive a summary; if you are not subscribed to ADIF and wish a
summary, let me know.


What is/are the main reason(s) we need a standard for data

What advantages do you expect from a data interchange standard
for amateur radio logging programs?

As a USER of a logging program(s):
Which program(s) do you use?
Do you export/import data among different logging programs?
Do you export information from your logging program(s) for
use in other (nonamateur radio specific) programs?
What data field(s) are absolutely required for export/import?
What data field(s), while not absolutely necessary, are highly
desired for export/import?
Would you expect an ADIF standard to allow a log to be
exported from one contest logging program and imported
into another so that the receiving program would
be able to accurately score the log without additional
information (provided both programs claimed support for
a contest)?
Are you sure the author(s) of your program(s) are participating
in the ADIF standardization effort?

Are you an AUTHOR of a amateur radio logging program?  If so:
Is it designed primarily for contesting? for DXing?
What are the system requirements for your software?
What formats do you currently import?  Export?
What is(are) the implementation language(s) of your software?
For contesting programs:
How do you configure (rules, multipliers, etc.) for various contests?
Do you maintain a callsign "database" among/between contests? Do you
suggest correct callsigns from partial callsigns? How do you resolve
multiplier status that cannot be derived from the callsign?

Are you a CONTEST SPONSOR?  If so:
What contest(s) do you sponsor?
Would you accept ADIF files as submissions for your contest(s)?
What data would submitted logs be absolutely required to contain? What
data would submitted logs ideally contain? Would you be willing to use
ADIF as a means to distribute contest information such as multipliers?
 Scoring information?


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