[ct-user] CT and the new Dell Computers

Ernest Howard Ernest Howard <w8eh@infinet.com>
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 15:11:05 -0400

Peter Chamalian wrote:
> I've been working with W1BIH to unravel a problem with his new Dell.
> The machine is pure Windows 95 (Pentium Pro II 266mHz screamer!).
> The problem is that CT won't talk to the OMNI.  Here's the strange part
> -- other programs talk to the ONMI OK.  Other computers talk to the OMNI
> running the same version (9.10) OK.  K1EA says it's an IRQ problem but
> all indications from the Windows 95 control panel show no IRQ problems
> or conflicts.  The problem exists when running in dos or running in a
> dos window.  As far as we know, the serial cards are PCI and cannot be
> set for IRQ via hardwire or switches, but I haven't taken the cover off
> the new machine to be absolutely sure.
> Any thoughts?  Please send to W1RM@SNET.NET
> Thanks, W1RM
> --

The only way to get CT to work right with comm ports
under windows 95 (in most instances), is to disable 
the comm port in the windows control pannel.

Using this method, you DO NOT have to shut down windows 95
and go back to that old 'DOS' mode.  I've used it since
'95 came out and it works well running under Win 95 and
gets along with other windows programs running at the same

Follow these steps to disable your comm port for CT to use:

Click on - 'start', then 'settings' then 'control panel'.
Double click on 'system' icon.

Then in this system properties box, click on the tab above
that says 'device manager'.

Then click on the little plus sign next to 'ports'. The
available ports will now be listed below the ports heading.
Double click on the port that you want to talk to the
radio on, using CT.

Now, down at the bottom you see a highlighted line that
starts with a checkmark box, then says 'Original Configuration
(current)'. Click on that checkmark box so the checkmark
disappears. Then click on 'OK' below and close everything.
Then you are ready to run CT with that port. That is
if you have CT set up to the hardware address and IRQ.

Use the same proceedure to turn the port back on for the
normal radio control programs.

73 and good luck.
Ernie W8EH
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