[ct-user] CT Emulator

Erhard Engfer Engfer@t-online.de (Erhard Engfer)
Thu, 28 Aug 97 00:00 MET DST

Fabio schrieb:
> Hi Guys,
> I am looking for any info about a CT Simulator.
> I mean a program that could send "virtual" QSO trough
> a CT network keeping them from a database.
> I will want to use it to stressing a CT network, emulating
> a lot of traffic from computer connected.
> Any suggestion ??
> 73 de Fabio

Hi Fabio,
do youīve heard about PED.EXE, a program wrote by JE3MAS ?
Itīs freeware, so if you canīt get a copy via the internet i.e. I maybe can help 
vy 73īs
Erhard, DL5JQ

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