[ct-user] Where Did the support go

Joseph J. Duerbusch Joseph J. Duerbusch" <duerbusc@mo.net
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 08:38:07 -0500

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> > 1. I can use
> > 2. Is continuously supported
> > 3. Updates are quickly accessable
> >
> > I would appreciate having a program that I can go into the contesting
> > season that will work with little or no coaxing from me to get through a
> > contest. Anyone else feel this way, or am I out of line here.
> I have only looked at the free copy available from the web site (ver
> 7.36 I believe) of Writelog.  It is a Win 3.1/95 program (yes I know,
> this leaves out DOS only boxes) that uses the same keystrokes for log
> entry as CT, seems to be very configurable and is currently actively
> supported.  I plan on getting a copy of this before November SS and
> giving it a try.  The current version is 8.+.
> I am still using CT 8.53 as it fills my needs, but will not be able
> to for next year's SS with the new Canadian section.  Onward, and
> (hopefully) upward.  Sorry, I lost the URL to Writelog, but a web
> search should find it...
> 73, de Nate >>
> >
> >
> > Butch Turner ( KA0WWT )
I bought Writelog at Dayton this year, $50.00, as it now has a full RTTY
support.  It is a Windows bases contest program, supports all the
contests, has about the same features as CT.  You can use the sound
board for a voice keyer, and also use the sound board for send/rec
I have used it in two cw contests, works very well, has all the cluster
and networking that CT has.

I really liked CT, but having one (1) program now for SSB/CW/RTTY is
very nice.  Also, I dont have any of the ComPort problems of DOS.

If you like to know more here is the URL:


Support is very good from Wayne W5XD and WriteLog is in it 8 version
so it is very stable.

Joe K0BX

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