[ct-user] CT9, New NL Section

Bill Turner wrt@eskimo.com (Bill Turner)
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 02:49:20 GMT

On Sat, 30 Aug 1997 20:31:08 -0400 (EDT), KB0C@aol.com wrote:

>     Read a couple message about this problem.  However did not see a
>     The NNY section took just fine and scores.
>     Added NL to the SEC.DAT file, however it scores NLI.  Tried using LAB
>and on the Section POP-up it comes up as a Y. And will not score.  Maybe the
>answer is to put it it the DX column.  Is there a solution to this.   And if
>so will a new file be put on the CT BBS.   Thanks for any thoughts about a
>work around for this.
>                            John  KB0C         KB0C@AOL.COM
I can give you a fix, but I can't tell you why it works.  Go into your
sec.dat file and edit the VE entries so they look like this:

MR:         MR,NB,NS,PEI,VE1,VE9,VY2;  VE
PQ:         PQ,QC,QU,VE2;      VE
ON:         ON,VE3;            VE
MB:         MB,MAN,VE4;        VE
SK:         SA,SK,VE5;         VE
AB:         ALT,ALB,AB,VE6;    VE
BC:         BC,VE7;            VE
YT:         YT,YU,NW,VE8,VY1;  VE

The trick here is to use only two-letter titles in the left column.  I
renamed MAR to MR (don't use MA, that's Massachusetts).  The prefixes
in the center area up to the semicolon are all the variations CT will
accept for that province, and VE is the country credit.

Like I said, I haven't heard an explanation, but it works.

73, Bill W7TI

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