[ct-user] Lost QSO's

Mike Walker Mike Walker <mwalker@geronimo.legato.com>
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 10:39:10 -0500

At 08:37 AM 03/12/97 -0000, Chris Swallow wrote: 


<excerpt>Using CT 9.23 over last weekend I suffered a crash of some kind
and had to

turn off computer to clear it. When I restarted I found I had lost about

Q's including 2 hard fought multipliers (XE plus zone es HS plusr 

Itrawled the hard disk and ran the log thru a continuity checker but no

of the missing hour and 10 mins!. Almost gave up there and then but

to regain interest after 1/2 hour. Anyoune else suffered this type of

problem and even more important found a way of recovering?

Chris M7Z (G3VHB)




We've never had this problem with 9.23 and we are great at having power
failures (both amps tuning up at the same time will blow the shack

Are you running some sort of disk caching?

Dos 6.0?  It was great for things like that.

Mike  VA3MW


Mike Walker VA3MW

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