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Wed, 03 Dec 1997 19:28:59 -0800

Bruce Lallathin wrote:
> An internet download process would be really great! I have long advocated
> this method. I also feel that upgrades should not be entirely free. Over
> the years I have upgraded regularly starting way back with version 8 and
> most all the version 9 updates so far. If there was a small charge for
> upgrades it would help to keep the programmer compensated for a lot of
> work. How about a flat fee per year, say $35 to get a "PIN" number to
> access the BBS or preferably the internet site. Lets face it, I have got a
> lot for my initial investment! If is worth having it is worth paying for...
I have to agree with Bruce on the idea of a flat fee for upgrades during
the year. One gripe that many of us have had is that CT support for the
last few years has not been is desired. I'd be glad to pay a nominal sum
to keep the upgrades coming. Then maybe the problems with how the CW/Two
radio/etc bits on LPT1/2 could be resolved as well as support for new
radios. I'd prefer a yearly fee to a fee per download.

Steve K6UM

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