[ct-user] problem w/ CT and sending CW

Jon Barclay Jon Barclay <jBarclay@Vulcraft-TX.com>
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 11:43:05 -0600

Larry Johnson wrote:
> I've run into a problem with CT when sending code from CT. I encountered the
> problem during CQWW, and tonight was able to duplicate the problem. It seems
> to happen only when I have packet going. What appears to be happening is
> when sending code, it's dropping dits/dahs whenever the tnc transmits, i.e,
> acking, etc., such as when during receiving the results of a sh/dx, etc.

Hi, Larry.

I ran CT 9.30 this past weekend on a 386/40 that I've always used at the
shack.  It runs MS-DOS 6.22 and doesn't have any extraneous TSRs or such
running, other than those required by CT; no packet, no frequency control,
just CT and the computer sending CW on the LPT1 port.

Each time I hit the "+" key to log a contact and send the "TU" message,
the first DAH of the "TU" would be extended quite a bit.  Didn't sound so
bad if I was only sending 22 or so WPM, but really sounded weird when I
was going 36.  Also, if I was sending CW and hit the enter key to log a
call while it was sending, it would extend the dit or dah (or space) it
was currently sending at the time I hit the key.

I wonder if two problems are related?


Jon A. Barclay  N5JA  (ex-AA5BL)

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