[ct-user] More on CTRL-L

Wilbert Knol Wilbert Knol" <w.knol@niwa.cri.nz
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 13:55:08 1300

There still appear to be problems with marking a QSO as bad (0 point 
claim) using the CTRL-L method.

In the CQWW-CW we worked HZ1AB on the multiplier station. When 
logging the QSO, CT protested, saying it broke the 10 minute rule, 
which it did.

I then waited around, and worked him again, 8 minutes later, with the 
intention of claiming the 2nd QSO. Luckily HZ1AB didn't blink an eye 
and happily worked us again :-)

Post contest, the 1st HZ1AB QSO was marked with CTRL-L, turning it 
into a NIL pointer folowed by '\\\\\\'. The multiplier credit shifted 
to the 2nd QSO. So far, so good. 

When I restarted CT (V9.27), I noticed the 1st HZ1AB was still marked 
bad, but the 2nd QSO had become a dupe, causing us to still miss out 
on the much needed HZ mult.

Anyway, in the end I removed the 1st HZ1AB from the log altogether to 
ensure we got HZ credit yet not become a multi/multi. This solution 
is not entirely satisfactory: if HZ1AB claims the 1st QSO and his log 
is checked against ours, it may be disallowed and he may get 
penalised. For this reason I am considering submitting a separate 
ZM2K checklog.

Is there a way to leave a QSO in the log, yet mark it 'not worked' 
for pointscoring purposes so that station can later be worked again 
for full points credit?

Wilbert, ZL2BSJ.

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