[ct-user] 2 Radio Configuration

Leeson Leeson <leeson@ix.netcom.com>
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 11:34:12 -0800

Mike, I had good luck with 9.27 on a pair of TS850's.  I'm using the
J-Com RS232 to TTL adapters, and they lock up during boot-up of CT, so I
used the following procedure (different baud rate req'd for Icom, if I
remember correctly):

Set COMTSR1 and COMTSR2 to 4800 baud, N82
Choose radios in CT setup
When CT is booting up, turn off both radios and turn them both on when
screen gets to the last "hit any key" line.

Test to be sure it's working with Alt-period.  If I do this, I don't get
any timeout messages or super-slow-time typing.

I haven't been able to get my computer to tolerate more than 2 active
COM ports, but that's a different problem, not CT-related.

Amog other problems I've had are connector to external connector for
COM2 plugged onto board connector backwards, RS232 LED status indicator
pulling too much current when plugged onto COM port, bad cables, etc.

Try using your simplest communications program, such as Telix, to see if
you can send commands to, and receive responses from, each radio.  Set
the port parameters to the Icom speed (is it 1200?) and N82, look up in
Icom manual for format to send to get a response.  With Kenwood, it's in
a special "digital control" manual, and each request or command is
inished with a semicolon (;).

Good luck, it can be frustrating 'til it works.

Dave, W6NL

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