[ct-user] Using CT 9 with Omni rigs?

David E. Shelton David E. Shelton" <ku4it@bellsouth.net
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 18:05:46 -0500

Hello all,

I am thinking of getting CT version 9 to contest with my Omni V and
possibly my Omni VI+ in the future. I have several questions regarding
setup and system requirements.

1. Does the CT 9 require a genuine Sound Blaster 16 sound card? If not
what is acceptable?
2. Does CT 9 support TT Omni V and VI+ rigs?
3. I have a Pentium 90 system that I run Windows 95 on does CT 9 run
with Win 95?
4. I currently run a AEA MM-3 keyer can I interface it with the CT 9 and
rig or does CT 9 do the keying for you?
5. What is required to interface the rig with the PC? Via RS-232 thru
the COM port?

73 dit dit,

David E. Shelton, RN
KU4IT Amateur Op

Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
         of Louisville, KY

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