[ct-user] Merge file and Qsl9

John Udvari John Udvari <wb8vpa@en.com>
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 20:46:53 +0000

After the 10 meter contest I decided to merge that file with my CQWW CW
file to print out the qsl labels. After running both files through I ended
up with one file for printing the labels. Upon looking at the new file I
found that all the 10 meter contacts from the 10 meter contest and not the
CQWW were converted to 160 meters. Anyone else ever run across this
problem. I did trash everything and started over from the .BIN files and
again ended up with the same results. 

Well over a year ago someone on the reflector was going to start working
on a qsl label program that would allow labels in almost any flavor the
user wanted. Also the ability to print to all types of printers, dot
matrix, ink jet, and laser. Anyone know anything about this project and did
it ever come to pass.

John - N8RF

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