[ct-user] Merge file and Qsl9

Ken Wolff Ken Wolff <kwolff@ultranet.com>
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 22:07:22 -0500

I'm afraid CT is brain dead when it comes to merging logs from different
contest types. It just won't work. - Ken

At 08:46 PM 12/20/97 +0000, John Udvari wrote:
>After the 10 meter contest I decided to merge that file with my CQWW CW
>file to print out the qsl labels. After running both files through I ended
>up with one file for printing the labels. Upon looking at the new file I
>found that all the 10 meter contacts from the 10 meter contest and not the
>CQWW were converted to 160 meters. Anyone else ever run across this
>problem. I did trash everything and started over from the .BIN files and
>again ended up with the same results. 
>Well over a year ago someone on the reflector was going to start working
>on a qsl label program that would allow labels in almost any flavor the
>user wanted. Also the ability to print to all types of printers, dot
>matrix, ink jet, and laser. Anyone know anything about this project and did
>it ever come to pass.
>John - N8RF
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