[ct-user] Merge file and Qsl9

Jay O'Brien Jay O'Brien" <w6go@quiknet.com
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 21:00:13 -0800

This may help a bit, but it will only get the label data out of a CT
file so you can process it in another database (I use Paradox).  

To see the results, put a [contest].BIN file in a test directory along
with QSL9.EXE and a copy of CQWW.CTY (yes, I know it isn't used any
more, but it's needed here).  No other files in the directory,
especially not master.qsl, save.qsl or list.qsl.

Make [contest].LAB file by running QSL9 as follows with the -w6go

QSL9 -w6go [contest].BIN

The [contest].LAB file you get is a TAB-delimited file which is easily
imported into a database program which can then process the data and you
can design an output from that database program that will print your
labels or format the data for whatever else you might want to do with
it, like track QSL cards and awards.

You run this separately on the BIN file from each contest and do the
merging in the downstream database program.

Kenny made the switch for me when I was publishing the GOLIST.  I was
able then, in Paradox, to identify the stations with managers and
process them differently.  The switch has been invaluable to my QSL card
process here over the years, and it gets used after every contest.

73, Jay

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