[ct-user] Bug in BREAKDOWN sheet

Larry A. Crim Larry A. Crim" <k4ab@nerak.companet.net
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 22:09:14 -0600 (CST)

And another thing......

While I was looking at my recent post to this reflector on CT BREAKDOWN
sheet errors, I noticed another one.

On the KILOPOINTS BY HOUR sheet, CT says I scored 2,439,000 points.
On the SUMMARY sheet CT says I scored 2,399,760 points.

How many points did I score?

And another thing.....

On the summary sheet, it states:

"All reports sent were 59 (9), unless otherwise noted."

This is not true.

I sent 59 (9) ZERO FOUR.

As a matter of fact, no where in CT produced logs does it state my zone.
Not on the log, and not on the summary sheet.  The CQWW rules state that
all ***SENT*** and received exchanges are to be logged. (Rule XI, number
2).  So in fact, every CT log submitted is in violation of CQWW rules,
unless the user manually edits the log.

This ain't right.

-Larry K4AB

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