[ct-user] CT9.34 Released

Ken Wolff Ken Wolff <kwolff@ma.ultranet.com>
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 21:03:36 -0500

Available in     http://www.contesting.com/ctvault

9.34 Release Notes

* Radio control pin moved to Pin 14 of LPT1 (tnx W6NL and PA3AAV)

* Band data on LPT1 and LPT2 is fixed (tnx PA3AAV)

* Fixed the multiop bug that moves the cursor to the beginning of the
call when someone else modifies a QSO. The DX'peditions and other
multi-ops have been suffering with this for years. (tnx K0IR)

* moved the default bandmap to the right

* CT now self-registers. REGISTER.EXE is no longer needed.

* Fixed Ctrl-L bug where a qso marked as a non-qso was still checked for dupe
purposes. (tnx ZL2BSJ)

* The internal storage representation of time has been adjusted by
seven hours to match ANSI standard time functions. On startup, if CT
finds a log using the old standard, it adjusts each qso and re-writes
the log. This takes a few seconds. 

* If you export your logs to other programs, and the export program
uses the old CT format, either use FIX_TIME to adjust the time, or
ask the publisher of the target program to contact me for details. I
have created a new B2R9 which understands the new time format.

* The new time scheme fixes the two hour error in the M/S QSY meter
and the two hour offset in the ARRL CALL.LOG file. (tnx K2QMF)

* The new time scheme fixes the sked function (ALt-E) (tnx N1BB)

* CT assumes your computer is set to UTC. If you wish to leave it on
local time, set the TZ evironment variable. For example:

SET TZ=EST5          // eastern standard time 5 hours behind
SET TZ=PDT7          // pacific daylight time 7 hours behind
SET TZ=CEU-2         // european central time 2 hours ahead
SET TZ NST3:30       // newfoundland std time 3 hours 30 minutes behind

The first three letters of TZ spec don't mean anything, but the time
offset does. For example,

SET TZ=XYZ-6:27      // tells CT to assume you are 6 hours, 27 minutes 
                     // ahead of UTC

CT will automatically compute UTC based on the TZ variable. CT won't
compensate for daylight savings, avoiding the sudden change in time
during CQWW SSB.

* WWV announcements are logged to a file named <contest>.wwv (tnx K1VR)

* Long country names are truncated in the check country window,
leaving room for the the zone. (tnx K1AE)

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