[ct-user] CT9.34 Released, FT-920 support?

Ernie Howard Ernie Howard <w8eh@infinet.com>
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 00:24:50 -0500

Hi Ken (and the list),

I tried out the version 9.34 beta and have the release version
up and running. I did have it connected to my FT-890, working fine.
Looks goo so far.

I got a FT-920 today and tried the connection to ct. Any clue
on how to get the FT-920 to work with it?  I don't see it listed
in the radio list. Tried the other Yaesu settings without success.
I do know the computer to radio connection is fine as my DX4WIN
operates it ok.  Some of the Yaesu rigs in CT, SEND data and change
bands ok, none read the FT-920 data.

I thought I read on the list that suppport for the 920 was being
added. Next version maybe?????

Ernie W8EH


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