[ct-user] CT9.35 Beta

Ken Wolff Ken Wolff <kwolff@ma.ultranet.com>
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 18:38:50 -0500

CT9.35 Beta now available on:

* Fixed SETDATE command (tnx K1AE)

* IARU check country is now fixed (tnx K3CT)

* Fixed crash on WRITELOG of large VHF logs (tnx K1TR)

* Reads and restores the CW sideband (upper or lower)
on the FT1000MP (tnx K3MM)

* Reads and uses the clarifier info on the FT1000MP

* CT now supports PTT on pin 16 of the LPT ports. Pin 16 is asserted for
one baud (dot period) before CW sending commences. This allows amplifier 
relays time to trip before the RF hits.

----- Items Reported, but not confirmed or corrected ------

Please send me e-mail if you have observed or can reproduce these problems

* The first character sent after the '+' key is too long (N1BB)
* FT840 not supported (KE6YNR)
* Need a way to pull calls from bandmap (NA2NA)
* CT1BOH would like a the rate box to report points for last hour
* NOWORKDUPE does not surpress F4, as the manual says it should (W5UN)
* Need a scratchpad for backcopy of multiple calls in a pileup (W6NL)
* Colorsave does not work (NN5T)
* W0TM:  CQWW requires a single log for M/S, not two logs, as in the paper
days (W0TM)
* K3WW:  wants to send from the paddle and have weight control
* VE3SS: requests the Canada Day and Canada Winter Contests
* K3MM:  would like CT track the radio mode in muti-mode contests
* KC1XX: would like the RIT cleared after each QSO is logged
* W3LPL: CQWW ARRL DX should not count zero pt qso's in the summary box
* W3LPL: recognize a valid px as soon as it's typed, then alert passing
* W3LPL: config file for windows setup

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