[ct-user] CT & OMNI VI

Mon, 17 Feb 1997 12:12:37, -0500

I have  CT ver 9.27 and an  OMNI VI with the latest firmware upgrade.

I'm using the RS-232 port on the OMNI and I can only get some of the 

CT features to work. 

1) If I enable CdE (matrix mode) The frequency will continuously 
display and update in the band window as the tuning knob is rotated.
This is a really neat feature in CT. However with the CdE on I can't 

use the computer (CT) to change bands or "GRAB" packet spots.

2) With CdE off,  the Band change works, but the frequency is not 
continuously updated in the BAND window. Only the last frequency is 
displayed. Also, when I change bands from the computer keyboard the 
filters default to the 2.4kc position. (This is a problem in a CW 

The TEN-TEC manual says that the MATRIX mode is for use with the 
serial interface in a multi radio/computer environment.

Do I need to use the serial input for the rig to work
Any ideas???

Does anyone know a source for a good serial convertor? A commercial 

or a schematic will do.

73, Jim WB2TPS

PS The OMNI VI works fine with Logic4 (CdE on or off)

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