[ct-user] CT RFI Warning

Peter Nesbit VK3APN Peter Nesbit VK3APN <pnesbit@melbpc.org.au>
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 06:53:42 +1000

Last weekend, in the ARRL DX contest, I learnt my lesson:

1.  Don't use CT if your computer is affected by RF even slightly;

2.  If RF does get into your computer during a contest, and it starts
sending garbage, you must:

        first press <esc> to stop it;

        write down the details of the current QSO on a piece of paper;

        AND THEN PRESS RESET. That's right, the big red button!
        DO NOT PRESS ANY OTHER KEY, because that will cause the
        garbage on the screen to be transferred to the hard disk,

Because I did not follow the above (i.e. I fiddled around pressing other
keys after the PC had gone silly), the details of a perfectly good W4 QSO
were turned into rubbish, costing me a multiplier.

No doubt this advice is well known, and I vaguely recall reading it
somewhere, so I only have myself to blame. You have been warned!

Peter VK3APN

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