[ct-user] Ft-1000MP & CT

Victor A. Dubois Victor A. Dubois" <n4to@ct.net
Wed, 8 Jan 1997 23:33:29 -0500 (EST)

I am unable to get CT and my new FT-1000MP to correctly communicate. I have
no trouble with the TR logging program, but haven't broken the CT habit yet.

I'm at the following point. Am using the version 9.27 downloaded from the
BBS which said it supports the MP. I load up the COMTSR at 4800 baud either
with N81 or N82 no difference being made. The results follow:

     CHANGING BANDS AT THE RIG: the rig changes, nothing at the computer.

     CCHANGING BANDS AT THE COMPUTER: the computer momentarily changes to
the      correct band and then immediately returns to 20. The rig changes
to the      correct band. 

Haven't tried getting fancy with band map etc., yet want to get the basics
working first. Any suggestions would be appreciated and welcome.


Vic   N4TO

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