[ct-user] Ft-1000MP & CT

Jon E Hamlet w4zw@juno.com (Jon E Hamlet)
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 11:12:11 EST


I had the same problems with both my FT-1000D and FT-1000MP.  They would
go into what I call the "awful slow motion" mode or would operate
randomly.  The data for the FT-1000D and the FT-1000MP are very
different, but I have been able to resolve the problems as follows.

Do a master initialization of the Yaesu transceiever. This involves
turning the raer panel memory backup switch OFF, waiting a minute and
then back on.  This resets the transceiver to all the original factory
specifications.  All Yaesu CAT interfaces operate 4800 baud, No parity, 2
stop bits (4800N2) and you must use a STANDARD RS-232 cable, not a "null
modem" cable.  Be sure you have CT configuration set for the proper
FT-1000MP (the FT-1000 will give you errors) and the COM setup properly
set for the correct COM port and speed.

I have discovered that there is still a random timing problem with the
FT-1000D with Pentium machines using CT.  But the reset procedure above
will normally fix the problem.

I still have to occasionally  reset mt FT-1000D and the FT-1000MP when
they start acting up.  Good luck and be assured it will work properly
most of the time.

Jon,  W4ZW

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