[ct-user] Re: Ft-1000MP & CT (fwd)

Larry A. Crim Larry A. Crim" <k4ab@nerak.companet.net
Thu, 9 Jan 1997 17:43:28 -0600 (CST)


I had a similar problem.  In my case, I had to change the IRQ number in 
the COMTSR.  Make sure the IRQ number, software int and port address are 
the same for your particular COM port and the COMTSR.  If not you can 
change any of them.  See page 25 in manual.  However, the manual says 
once you change a parameter, it becomes the default.  Not in my case.  I 
have to change it each time I load the COMTSR.  I just simply made a 
".bat" file to start CT.   

All I had to do was change my IRQ to 4.

So when I load my COMTSR, I type:

"COMTSR3 -b4800 -n82 -i4".

Hope that helps.

Are you a new FT-1000MP owner?  When I got mine, I was a little 
overwhelmed by all the options, menus, etc.  But, after I got everything 
worked-out, I'm EXTREMLY happy with the 1000.  And, after getting it to 
work with CT 9.27, it's fabulous!

Let me know how it works out.


On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Victor A. Dubois wrote:

> Larry Billy AA4NU suggested you might be able to solve my problem making
> the MP and CT communicate correctly.
> I'm using CT version 9.27, the version I downloaded from the BBS says it
> supports the MP. I set my baud rate at 4800 and the TSR as follows:
>                 -b4800 -n82
> It makes no difference whether the -N82 is there or not the results are the
> same, I can change bands at the computer, the computer temporarily changes
> to the correct band, and immediately returns to 20. If I change bands at
> the rig, the rig changes but nothing happens at the computer.
> Any suggestions would be most welcome, and appreciated.
> 73,
> Vic   N4TO
> n4to@ct.net

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