[ct-user] CT+Win95

David L. Thompson David L. Thompson" <thompson@mindspring.com
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 12:58:02 -0500

At 04:45 AM 1/14/97 -0000, Tyler K3MM  wrote:
>It works as a dedicated "DOS 7" task.  However, I've never gotten CT's I/O to
>work >smoothly in a Windows 95 DOS shell.  

BEWARE the latest release of Windows 95......From the mindspring users group....

        WIN 95 latest release (Machines delivered after Nov 14, 1996) and
upgrades to W95 since about that same date.....

        1.      No longer support "ANY" DOS

        2.      Support only Windows 3.1.1 applications (non W95).   Win 3.1
is no longer supported.

This does not bode well for CT or NA.   Telemate (a major player in the BBS
market) has found this to be a major problem with their software.

According to Microsoft the only fix is to get rid of the DOS and older
Windows versions and run only W95 software!   This has been their answer to
Mindspring and Telemate Tech Support.
W97 will only support W3.1.1( for awhile) and W95/W97 software!

According to Microsoft you must get a new toaster each time you buy a loaf
of bread!

73, Dave K4JRB

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