[ct-user] Configuring PCMCIA Serial Cards under Win95's DOS

Robert A. Wilson ((415) 335-2265) Robert A. Wilson ((415) 335-2265)" <n6tv@vnet.ibm.com
Sun, 26 Jan 97 19:31:36 PST

I'm trying to set up a friend's Win95 laptop for CT, with one serial
port for "Network" and another for "Radio 1".

Machine hardware:
COM1:  Built-in serial port
COM2:  Built-in FAX/Modem
COM3:  PCMCIA Serial Card
COM4:  (nothing)

I edited MSDOS.SYS and set BootGUI=0, so that it boots DOS instead of

When I use MSD or FINDIRQ after booting to DOS, it reports that both COM1
and COM3 are set up for IRQ 4, which can't work for CT.  How do I get
COM3 set up for IRQ 5 under Win95's "DOS"?

If I type WIN to bring up Win95 all the way, then look at the hardware
settings, automatic PCMCIA configuration takes over and sets up the
PCMCIA Serial Card as COM4, IRQ 15, and some mysterious "Generic lr
serial driver" for COM3, IRQ 5. If I open up a DOS prompt underneath
Win95, yes, there is a COM4 and I can use it (barely) with CT to
control the radio (though I get lots of radio timeouts).  If I
"Shudown and restart in DOS mode," COM4 ceases to exist, and COM3 appears
to be back at IRQ 4.

So, if there is anyone out there with a Win95 laptop, with two serial
ports and a built-in FAX modem, how did you get all 3 COM ports set up
to use non-conflicting IRQs when in DOS?

Bob, N6TV

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