[ct-user] bands/modes DXPEDITION mode

Mike Smith-VE9AA, Coreen Smith-Wynder Photo Mike Smith-VE9AA, Coreen Smith-Wynder Photo" <ve9aa@brunnet.net
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 03:06:13 -0400

We are doing cy9aa in June and I want (if possible) to use CT
however there is no slot for "6m" in dxpedition mode.
Can someone explain to me how to change "SAT" to "6m" ?
We can't use it in VHF contest mode because the program won't allow
us to swap modes. (at least my old version won't) and many 6m
ops like to work us on both modes.  (on the fly...) I will not have
time to exit the prgm and come back into it in a different mode.
Surely it must be a fairly simple task to swap the word SAT for SIX
or 6m or 50MHZ or something?
Any and all help very much appreciated-TNX!

Michael & Coreen Smith
271 Smith Rd, Waterville
Sunbury Co, NB, E2V 3V6
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