[ct-user] Computer control of TS-940 with IF232 level converter

wheeler wheelerm@actrix.gen.nz (wheeler)
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 22:18:29 +1200 (NZST)

Al KE1FO wrote
>Ok folks, here's a question for you.  I have a situation with the 
>Kenwood TS-940 and the IF-232 level converter.  My friend has the same 
>setup I do, and he got a lightning hit over the summer.  Everything has 
>been repaired supposedly.  Now, here's the problem.  Before the 
>lightning strike, his computer interface worked fine.  His computer 
>interface no longer works.  Mine does.  We have tried connecting his 
>IF-232 interface with my rig and computer, only swapping out the IF-232.  
>No go.  We borrowed an IF-232 from a friend, it doesn't work with my 
>setup either.  But my IF-232 does.  We have not had a chance to check my 
>IF-232 converter with his rig, but that will happen tomorrow.  We have 
>another IF-10B on order incase the one in his 940 is dead.  Any other 
>suggestions or something I'm missing?  Thanks.
>Al, KE1FO, ex. KE6BER    mailto:ke1fo@contesting.com or ke6ber@tiac.net
>Check out my web page, http://www.tiac.net/users/ke6ber for summaries 
>from the contest reflector and a growing list of amateur radio links.

One year we had a PC with a intermittent Comms port , would work on some
connections, i.e. to rigs and other network computers, but not always to others
ran diagnostics - not fault found !  , changed port card problem never been

Malcolm  ZL2UDF

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