[ct-user] MM Serial # in v8.42

Chris Allingham Chris Allingham" <va3zc@nortel.ca
24 Mar 1997 12:32 EST


VE2ZP and I plan on entering as a MM in the WPX SSB this weekend.  We
have our computers networked using CT v8.42.  We are able to use the
Alt-G (gab) and callsigns entered on one computer show up on the other
and vice versa.  We have used this setup before as a MS but this is the
first time as a MM.  Since this is the WPX, separate serial numbers are
given out on each band.

I was testing everything out yesterday and noticed the following:  Say
that Station 1 enters 5 QSOs on 20m.  Station 2 then enters 3 QSOs on
40m.  The serial number in the left hand column on Station 2 is 4, which 
is the the next serial number to be given out on 40m.  The serial number 
in the left hand column on Station 1 is 9, which is the TOTAL number of
QSOs at this point plus 1.  If the next station worked is on Station 1,
the serial number on Station 1 changes to 7, which is correct because 6
was just handed out.  BUT, as soon as this happens, the serial number on 
Station 2 changes from 4 to 10, which is the TOTAL number of QSOs plus
1. Depending on which station enters a QSO, the serial numbers on your
screen could change!

This can get very confusing especially after many sleepless hours. Band
changing would also get confusing.  I am assuming that everyone uses the 
serial number in the left hand column to determine which number to give
out.  We could use the numbers shown in the Summary block, subtracting
dupes of course, but try that at about 3am on the second night!

Has anyone else come across this problem before?  Is this a known
problem with CT v8.42?  How do other (i.e. bigger, more experienced)
Mult-Multis get around this (besides using the latest/greatest version)? 
Is there a way to fix this?  Am I overlooking something obvious?

Any comments, suggestions, criticisms, questions would be welcome.  I
hope that I've explained the problem well enough!

You can respond to the reflector or directly to me.


Chris VA3ZC


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