[ct-user] DVP Icom cable wiring

Mike Walker Mike Walker <mwalker@Legato.COM>
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 09:03:09 -0500

I am rewiring our DVP cable so we can connect it to the IC-756.  We are
also using a Heil element.  What have users found:

a)  When using the DVP with an ICOM radio (ie:  what value of capacitor did
you use and where there any other changes)  Does the DVP have a jumper on
it for Icom (can't seem to locate the manual)

b)  Normal operation, without the DVP, what value (if not the same)

Many thanks.  We just realized this as we are getting ready for WPX.  Since
I am on the move today, replies to the sig, or to kgsmith@onlink.net
(va3sk), would be appreciated.

cheers...Mike 	VA3MW	
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