[ct-user] OMNI VI and CT Troubles

Joe Shuey NE3H Joe Shuey NE3H <shueyj@epix.net>
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 20:12:02 -0500

Fellow CT Users -                       27-Mar-97

My OMNI VI does not reliably QSY as directed by CT.  It sometimes QSYs
properly when the frequency is typed in.  It almost never  QSYs properly
using the point and shoot technique when there is a split ( 40 SSB ).CT
does read the frequency from the radio reliably.  The frequency display
( at 9600 baud ) is almost instantaneous.

I am using the OMNI VI setup in CT.  Iíve tried the IC 735 and it
behaves the same way.  Iíve tried serial ports 1, 5 and 6.  I have used
a commercial modem cable and have made a cable per the OMNI manual.
There is no difference.

If you are using CT successfully with and OMNI VI or even if you are
having the same problem, I sure would appreciate hearing from you.

WF1B software and the TenTec test program work flawlessly with the OMNI
VI ( of course the WF1B software does not send splits to the radio ).  
Iíve heard the NA works .. anyone using NA successfully?

Thanks de joe
NE3H   73!

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