[ct-user] CT Computer Problem

Ernie Howard Ernie Howard <w8eh@infinet.com>
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 20:29:24 -0500

N1KWJ@aol.com wrote:
> Using CT 9.27 on a pentium. In the MS-DOS mode the software and radio work
> perfectly. When I run the software in a DOS window under Windows 95, the
> computer communicates with my TS-850, but my radio does not communicate back
> to the computer . In other words alt F2 changes the band on the radio, but
> frequency info and band changes made on the radio don't effect  CT.
>  Obviously the hardware is OK, or things wouldn't work under either operating
> systems. I am using a serial port expansion board that allows high IRQ
> settings. TNC on Com 1 using IRQ 4 works correctly under both operating
> systems. TS-850 is on Com 3 using IRQ 11. Device manager in 95 agrees that
> Com 3 is using IRQ 11. Any thoughts??      73, Fred   N1KWJ
> --
I have been successfully running CT 9.27 under windows 95, talking to my
Yaesu 890 and using the CW keying output.  The trick is to go to Win
'settings', 'control panel', click on 'system', then click on the
tab at the top that says 'device manager'.  Then select your ports 
settings, select the port you want to work with, select properties.
You see a line at the bottom that says 'Original Configuration'. 
Just click on that checkmark to turn off the current port 
configuration. That will allow DOS to use that port. If you want
to turn that port on again for Win 95 you just have to click that
checkmark back on.  I never thought that I would get my CT to work
with Win 95 either but it does, very well, if you do the above.

The good thing with this arrangement is you can do other windows
things while keeping CT on the screen.

73 Ernie W8EH
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