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Bill Hellman bill-w2ud@juno.com (Bill Hellman)
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2 September 1997

Peter Nesbit, VK3APN wrote about his RFI fix as pertains to a better
computer case as follows:

>3.  Better computer case
>My computer was an ordinary desktop unit, with the keyboard plugging
>the rear. I had always disliked the way the keyboard cable was connected
>directly to the motherboard, with no grounding to the case. As I needed
>larger case to accomodate a new CD-ROM drive, I went out and bought the
>best tower case I could find.

>The slight extra cost was well worth it. The new case has spring fingers
>all around the outside (to provide a solid RF ground), and best of all,
>extra finger to ground the keyboard connector. Everything fitted
>beautifully, and I would strongly recommend that anyone upgrading their
>computer case pays the extra few dollars and gets the best one they can
>find. They will not be sorry.

I found a similar computer case at a Computer Fair in Middletown NY this 
past Sunday. In addition to the spring fingers and keyboard connector 
ground, it has slide-out motherboard mounting panel. You can easily 
transfer your present motherboard and peripherals to the slideout panel
while outside the case. It comes with mounting hardware and power supply.

There are several sizes and power supply options available. The one I 
bought is the model SO-G500B AT Super Mini Tower e/w a 230-watt power 
supply. It cost $70.00. The brochure identifies the cases as In-Win

The vendor is Eagletech, 40 Main Street, Pearl River, NY 10965.   
Tel: (800) 324-5382, (914) 735-1381 Fax: (914) 735-1424  
E-mail: eagletech@qed.net

Bill Hellman, W2UD


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