[ct-user] SER12.EXE for CT & BAYCOM

Aurelio Bellussi Aurelio Bellussi <aurelio@esrac.ele.tue.nl>
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 15:20:30 +0200

Older versions of SER12.EXE can be found at:


Go to a directory that contains FlexNet version 'e' or 'f'. There you'll find
an archive SER12.LZH. Download that file and unpack. The file size after
unpacking of SER12.EXE should be 5793 (version e) or 5819 bytes (version f).

I would really appreciate if you get CT + BAYCOM working with either two
SER12.EXE files!

73 es good luck, Aurelio-PA3EZL/AA2WH

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