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Tue, 7 Apr 1998 04:37:06 +0100

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Date: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 05:22
Subject: [ct-user] ARRL Contest Logs

>I used CT during the ARRL SSB DX and promptly sent in my paper
>logsheets, dupe sheets, and summary sheet along with my properly marked
>disc with my K6ACZ.all. K6ACZ.bin, K6ACZ.dup, and K6ACZ.sum files.
>Today I rcv'd a letter dated 4/2/98 from Sharon Taratula at the ARRL
>Contest Department telling me they cannot accept my entry as it is in
>binary format and needs to be in ASCII format.  I seem to recall this
>came up on the reflector for a past ARRL contest with the result being
>ARRL was to accept the CT files as is.  Has this happened to anyone else
>and if so what did you do to appease ARRL into accepting your entry.
>BTW, I have been submitting my entries for both ARRL and CQ contests
>straight from CT for years without it being rejected.  Have I just been
>lucky or are they getting more strict?  Any suggestions please?  Thanks
>in advance.  73
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Submissions:              ct-user@contesting.com
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